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RUF History

In 1939 Alois Ruf Senior founded his firm, ‘Auto RUF’, a general automotive and mechanical repair shop in Pfaffenhausen’s Mindelheimer Strasse, where it remains to this very day. In January 1950, his son Alois entered the world.

To this day RUF remains a unique manufacturer and continues to source Porsche ‘bodies-in-white’ directly from Porsche to produce bespoke hand-built sports cars with their own special characteristics. Each RUF car is built specifically to the owner’s requirements. This means that each car is very different from another and carries its own RUF chassis number.

RUF also remains one of the world’s distinguished provider of first-class, authentic Porsche restoration services for all types of Porsche vehicles.

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RUF Cars History: RUF Automobiles Founded in 1939

In 1939, ‘Auto RUF’ is founded by Alois Ruf Snr.