The story behind the fantastic RUF Faszination video

Faszination Yellowbird


The RUF Faszination video.  A must see for all RUF fans, gear heads, and anyone who calls themselves an enthusiast.

So the story goes, as detailed in a recent interview by Petrolicious, the video we have all come to love was not meant to be what it became. It was planned to be a video for RUF insiders and fans. It was a side project done after some filming had already been done.

There was a RUF Image movie being produced as a promotional video by RUF. As part of that video there was a section including some take of the CTR “Yellowbird” on the Nürburgring.  They had gone through the effort of hiring a helicopter, organizing the skills of RUF friend Stefan Roser, and brought some extra tires along.

Once filming was complete, they realized they had time left on the track and wanted to take advantage of it. At the time the Nürburgring was not as popular and well known as it is now, in fact it was often confused with Nuremberg (an unrelated city in Northern Bavaria). So they said “We might as well make one for some real nuts who want to see a whole lap of the Nürburgring. Let’s make one lap of the Nürburgring by helicopter.” You see, a lap of such a course as the Nürburgring is boring and long, very few people would find it interesting or appealing.

So they continued filming from the helicopter, and allowed Mr. Roser to push the limits a bit in his special way. Without having any idea that it would become what is has. A staple, a must-see, dare I say a “right of passage.”

If you aren’t familiar with the video, make sure you watch it. I can guarantee it won’t be just once. And tell your fellow enthusiast friends about it as well, if they haven’t seen it yet they are missing out.


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