Our workshop is fully equipped to provide any and all RUF modifications.

RUF RCT EVO – Conversions possible in both Vancouver and Calgary locations.

Are you looking to improve your existing car, or maybe update some modifications performed years ago. We are able to start you on the road with individual upgrades to your car.

Not sure if you want to go all out with a full conversion, we are able to upgrade various components as a stand-alone without compromising the drivability of your vehicle. We can install an upgrades suspension system to improve road handling and stability at speed. Possibly a new wheel and tire package to give you that personal look you require. Maybe you feel that you could use some more braking power at the race track.

Our extensive experience with the Porsche and RUF brands allow us to undertake projects of significant scope. Working closely with our partners we can provide a nearly endless array of options and solutions to satisfy your automotive desires.

Contact us today and let us make your dreams come true.


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