Technical Data for RUF SCR

Top Speed



Maximum Power @ 8.270/min


Maximum Torque @ 5760/min


The Story

The 2018 RUF SCR features RUF’s carbon fiber monocoque chassis and carbon fiber bodyshell with an integrated roll cage.

The possibilities which a manufacturer of dreams such as RUF has at their command makes what may seem impossible look suddenly attainable. In 2018 the southern German based car manufacturer, RUF Automobiles, took up the idea of the SCR: With a prototype packed with the company’s knowhow. A longer wheelbase, new lightweight materials, a four litre normally aspirated engine with 510 HP as well as a manual six-speed transmission.

The integrated roll cage „IRC“made from high-strength lightweight steel, the carbon ceramic brakes and thecarbon fibre monocoque promise the highest level of safety.

The driving performance exceeds all expectations, since the car’s 510 HP deal with a mere 1.250 kg of weight and reaches a topspeed of 320 km/h. The pure driving pleasure is reflecting in the SCR. While the 6-cylinders react without delay to the acellerator‘s demand, the brakes feel direct and well controllable givingyou the sensation of driving a Gokart.

The lightweight feeling is dominating the driving experience. such, an almost forgotten enjoyment celebrates an enthralling comeback with the SCR. The six-cylinders react without delay to the accelerator’s demand, and the brake system’s preciseness and clearly defined pressure point imparts a feeling of superior command of the forces at work. The low weight minimizes the moment of gyration and thus makes the RUF SCR an excellently agile two-seater.

We have achieved our aim: with the SCR a state of the art sports car has emerged whose experienced connoisseurs and sport drivers alike will delight in the force of its suction engine symphony.


Top Speed 320
Maximum Power 510
Maximum Torque 470
Displacement 4000
Transmission 6-speed manual gearbox
Fuel Consumption Urban: 20,2 l/100 km Non-Urban: 9,7 l/100 km Combined: 13,6 l/100 km
Emissions 324
Efficiency Class G

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