RUF SCR 4.2 and Ultimate


The RUF SCR 4.2 and Ultimate

For the 2016 Geneva Motor Show RUF unveiled a few new products that had not been seen before, to the awe of the motoring press and RUF fans around the world.

The RUF RtR Narrow was a narrow body, manual transmission rear wheel drive 800+ hp animal based off the 991 chassis. Built to customer specification and extremely rare in being a RHD model.

The RUF Turbo R Limited, covered in another article, stood out as it was built of arguably the most desirable Porsche model the 993 Turbo, and limited to just seven vehicles.

Then there were two cars that at a distance looked very similar, but could not be more different.  One finished in a bright reddish orange called Blood Orange, called the RUF SCR 4.2. The other, finished in an incredible blue hue called “bleu de France national” which was called the Ultimate. Both cars had the same front bumpers, familiar body shapes, and wheel tire packages. But the differences became more obvious the more in depth you looked.

For the RUF Ultimate, the equation starts with a 964 chassis. Tried and true, and a chassis the RUF has been intimately familiar with for decades.  Among the usual accompaniment of RUF upgrades you see some new options. Firstly, an almost entire chassis out of carbon-fibre. This increases chassis rigidity as well as decreasing the weight of the body shell. Hood, fenders, bumpers, and the body shell including the rear ¼ panels all the way to the bottom of the a-pillar. Another weight saving and performance enhancing modification is the inclusion of a modern ceramic brake system. To top all of this light-weight and modernization is a 3.6 litre flat-six twin-turbocharged engine producing 590hp and 535 lb-ft of torque. With the lightened weight of the chassis, and this incredible power output, the combination is extremely impressive. Rear wheel drive is the only option, and is the perfect fit.

On the other side, there sits the Blood Orange RUF SCR 4.2. The SCR label harks back to early in the RUF programme, when RUF offered an upgrade package for the original 911 SC. This new SCR 4.2 however, has little in common with its older relative. While looks alone tells you the Ultimate and SCR 4.2 must start at the same point, you will be surprised to know that this chassis actually starts as a 993. This allows for a few interesting items, firstly with the suspension design. The 964 has a more traditional torsion bar suspension, while the 993 has a more modern multi-link design for improved handling and body control. Second, and even more impressive, is the fact that the SCR 4.2 has had its wheelbase lengthened. A total of approximately 70 mm has been added to the wheelbase, with 50mm to the front and 20mm to the rear. This has several net benefits, including improved stability at speed, and an improved ride quality. At the end of all this, leaves the power plant. As much as all these impressive modifications are, it may just be the best part. The power plant in the SCR 4.2, and you should have gotten the hint from the name, features a 4.2 litre flat-six engine. But this isn’t just a punched out 964 or 993 engine. This is in fact a highly modified version of a late model GT3 power plant, producing an incredible 525hp and 370lb-ft of torque. The six-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels. With a redline of 8370rpm the engine screams and delivers one of the most exhilarating driving experiences imaginable.

These two cars, visually similar, but drastically different. Represent two very different ways to reach the perfection of driving pleasure.

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