RUF and the Geneva International Motor Show

Geneva Auto Show 2016

RUF has a long history of attending the Geneva International Motor Show. Each year they have brought a selection of their newest and greatest cars to show off to the world. Each year we wait with bated breath to see what RUF brings us.

The last few years have been no exception. In 2016 the show brought us the RUF Turbo R Limited, returning back to one of the most popular RUF cars ever the Porsche 993 based Turbo R. This time however they brought a little more to the table. The limited namesake referred to the small number of these cars being produced, a total of seven. The original RUF Turbo R produced an outstanding 490hp, however for the new Limited cars that simply wouldn’t do. For the Limited, RUF went back to the drawing board. Through a host of new modifications and upgrades the power level was increased to a now breathtaking 620hp. Each car of the seven car series was painted in a different hue depending on the taste of each client. The show car itself was finished in Fashion Grey, a classic Porsche colour from the 70’s, with an excellent bronze hue on applied to the wheels. Unfortunately for most, the seven car production run was sold out almost immediately upon being announced.

The booth was also full of some other amazing vehicles, in the two prototypes that almost looked like twins. The RUF Ultimate, and the RUF SCR 4.2. Two very different cars, that have very similar shapes. The RUF Ultimate being the 590hp rear wheel drive manual transmission beast based off the 964 chassis, and the SCR 4.2 being a lengthened 993 chassis with a screaming 4.2L natural aspirated flat-six at the rear. Along with these two sat the CTR3,  RUF’s bespoke supercar. Additionally behind the CTR3 was an amazingly restored Porsche 911 2.7 RS, and beyond that was the giant killer CTR2 Sport Pike Peak racer.  Finally the 991 based RUF RtR, a narrow-body (available wide), manual transmission, rear wheel drive, 802 horsepower animal. It was an awe inspiring display of RUF’s commitment to the Porsche bloodlines.

In 2017 they unveiled the 2017 CTR, a modern nod to the original “Yellowbird” which sat just to the side of it’s newer younger brother. This was the first completely bespoke RUF car, beginning with a carbon tub and body, and combining a jaw dropping pushrod suspension setup. This amazing high-tech package was wrapped up in a body that echos all sorts of history of the RUF brand, with indications of cars from almost all era’s. Of course the only possible colour choice for this car was Blutengelb, of blossom Yellow, the same shade as the original Yellowbird. And all this on the 30th anniversary of the RUF CTR “Yellowbirds” arriving on the world scene in rather dramatic fashion in Road & Track Magazines “worlds fastest cars” competition. It was once again, an unbelievable showing from the small manufacturer out of Pfaffenhausen.

So here we are, approaching the 2018 Geneva Auto Show, and wondering “what could RUF possibly do to top last year?”

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