RUF CTRs, the peak of performance.


The RUF CTRs.  Some of the most iconic supercars of their respective eras.  The first to enter the scene was the CTR, commonly known as the Yellowbird.  It burst onto the scene in the most dramatic fashion.  Road & Track invited RUF to a special event in 1987 called “World’s Fastest Cars.”  Among all the biggest names in supercar royalty sat this little yellow 911.  Back when the 200 mph was a real thing, it took a heroic effort from this little car to reach 211 mph.  Eclipsing every other car in the event by 10 mph.  This was followed up several years later by the CTR2, based on the 993 chassis the CTR2 pushed the performance even further.  Top speed was up to 217 mph with all the aerodynamics to match.  Producing 590hp in 2wd or 4wd, the CTR2 was breathtaking to drive.  After 25 years, the third CTR joined the lineup.  The CTR3 was a ground up development for the first time from RUF.  Bringing their years of engineering experience and ingenuity together to produce yet another breathtaking supercar.  Power output now up to 777hp, driving the rear wheels from the mid mounted flat 6.  Top speed, 236mph.  As we approach the 30th anniversary of the original CTR, what is next for this iconic lineup.

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