RUF 991 RT35 Aerokit

RUF 991 RT35 aerokit

Our RUF 991 RT35 aerokit brings out the best in your 991.  Designed by RUF for their RT35 supercar, the aero-kit bring enhanced cooling and aerodynamic properties to the 991 body.   Aesthetically the kit allows for dramatic new styling without taking away from the lines of the 991, or adding any outlandish aspects.

Front bumper

Starting with the front bumper, RUF improves the cooling airflow to the front radiators.  Whether your car is equipped with the center radiator or not this kit allows for easy fitment.   The new air extractor at the top of the bumper makes for an aggressive look, while functionally improving airflow over the center radiator for better cooling.  The additional inlets at the outside corners allow for better brake cooling up front.  The twin radiators upfront see improved airflow due to the enlarged inlets.  An excellent added feature of this bumper design is the fine mesh across all the large inlets to the radiators.  This eliminates the risks of a rock strike, while not interrupting airflow.  Finishing off the front nose is the beautiful carbon fiber lower splitter.

Rear bumper

The rear bumper ads similar features at the rear of the car.  Larger openings for improved airflow, and heat extraction at all speeds.   Again, designed to improve the performance of the aerodynamics of the 991, while vastly improving airflow.  The lower carbon diffuser works to improve downforce for stability at speed, while looking fantastic in the process.


The final component of the RUF 991 RT35 aerokit is the rear engine light with integrated duck-tail spoiler.  Harking back to the famed 1973 2.7 RS, the duck-tail has been adapted to the 991 body style.  The low profile design of the RUF duck-tail flows extremely well with the body design of the 991.  Allowing for improved airflow and downforce for high-speed stability, while also adding an additional touch of beauty to an already beautiful car.

Combined the RT35 aerokit brings a unique look to the 991 body.  Focussing on performance is a RUF hallmark, however the beauty of the RT35 991 is undeniable.  Add a set of 20” RUF forged wheels in a custom colour to the build and you have yourself a 991 unlike any other.  Let us know if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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