Porsche and RUF-Sportscars – by Marc Bongers

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Porsche and RUF Sportscars by Marc Bongers. A history of Porsche and RUF cars from 1948 (RUF 1977) to modern (published in 2005).

An excellent gift for the Porsche and RUF enthusiast.

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Very Few car manufacturers have manager to amass across the generations such a wide circle of fans as has Porsche. Countless race and rallye victories have helped contribute the emergence of the Porsche myth.

Marc Bongers, former employee at the Porsche Historical Archive, has compiled this chronicle to include all Porsche models produced since 1948; these he describes in exquisite technical detail.

The first attempt to do so, Alois achieved in 1977 this enhancement of both performance and speed of the exciting 911 Turbo. His company, RUF Automobile GmbH, enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide; his products – at least indirectly – influenced the introduction of technologies such as the five gear transmission in the 930 Turbo 3.3 and the twin turbo engine in the 993 Turbo. Al RUF cars included in this book are describe in as much detail as the Porsche series models. In 1981, RUF Automobile GmbH became a registered automobile manufacturer and continues to build cars based on Porsche series vehicles up to the present day.