RUF Carbon chassis

RUF Carbon chassis


In conjunction with VELA Performance Gmbh an engineering company based in Germany with extensive experience in lightweight materials for automotive, motorsport, and even aviation, RUF has developed a new carbon chassis for use in future models being produced in Pfaffenhausen.  The new carbon chassis allows for excellent rigidity combined while being lighter than sheet metal. When utilized with a carbon body as in the 2017 CTR and 2018 SCR, the curb weight is able to be kept within the 2600 lbs range. Front and rear crash structures of light weight high strength steel ensure safety in the event of a collision. Additional RUF retains the use of it’s proprietary IRC (integrated roll cage) which ties into the carbon chassis to ensure excellent rigidity and safety in the event of an accident.

The front and rear suspension on this new chassis are both mounted inboard utilizing pushrods to actuate the spring and strut assembly. This reduced un-sprung weight by a substantial amount.

The new chassis was designed to be adaptable through a range of chassis types, and the rigidity of the carbon chassis allows for the potential of open top cars to be developed in the future for RUF.

We must now wait and see what new and exciting models RUF develops from this fantastic new technology.



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