2018 RUF SCR


At the 88th annual Geneva International Motor Show, the sports car manufacturer RUF Automobile presents their traditional keystones based on today’s trendsetting technology: the new 2018 RUF SCR. More power, less weight, more safety features. In addition to this, the peerless presence of a four-liter normally aspirated engine with 510 hp – the new SCR is our characterful answer to the desire for a pure, undiluted driving pleasure in a world without compromises.

A look back in time: the name SCR stands for a 40 year lasting tradition in the history of the brand. The SCR had it’s premier in the year 1978 and immediately it impressed the critical experts of the well-known German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport who stated: “Power, everywhere you step!” The published test in the issue #13/1978 was greatly acknowledged in the motoring scene back then.

The original SCR was driven by an engine with six cylinders, 3.2 liters of engine displacement and a maximum power output uprated to 217 hp. The standard engine at the time delivered 180hp. The SCR carried a large front spoiler with round brake-cooling ducts plus an integrated oil-cooler. At the rear, a whale-tail spoiler was fitted to the engine lid to ensure balance aerodynamics.

38 years later at the 86th annual Geneva International Motor Show RUF tied in the concept of the car form 1978, and their know-how for producing extraordinary performing cars and present a stunning new prototype. The RUF SCR 4.2. This driving machine evolved out of nothing else than the DNA of a species which helped to make the original SCR chance the world of sports car.

This deep feeling of driving pleasure was the motivation to spend another two years of development and testing of the prototype. RUF wanted to create a unique, state-of-the-art genteman-driver sports car for those who prefer the soundtrack of a normally-aspirated engine. The result? Our brand new 2018 RUF SCR. The new car has a carbonfiber monocoque chassis and a full carbonfiber body-shell reinforced by an integrated-roll-cage (IRC). The push-rod suspension on both front and rear axles allows the powerful, normally aspirated 6-cylinder boxer-engine with a displacement of 4.0 liters, to exploit the car’s potential to the fullest. Now with 510hp moving less than 1300kg of weight packaged in an elegant, state-of-the-art carbon fiber suit.

The sports car manufacturer RUF is proud to present to you their latest evolution after more than four decades cultivating a tradition for building exciting, safe, and pure sporty automobiles: The new 2018 RUF SCR. Never forgetting our roots and for 40 years we have stayed loyal to traditions.


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